What A Good Recipe For Dog Food Consists Of

Just a short cruise or sail away from downtown Seattle is the Scandinavian themed town of Poulsbo. Located on Liberty Bay on the Kitsap peninsula it is known as the "Little Norway on the Fjord". Founded by Norwegian settlers in the 1880's it has retained its Norwegian heritage. In fact Norwegian was the primary language of Poulsbo up until World War II when it became English.

The second meal began with a homemade vegetable soup that rendered our German friend light with refreshing acidity and sweetness accompanied by honey and citrus. The centerpiece consisted of chicken and crockpot italian meatballs enlivened with a mixture of coriander, cumin, black pepper, garlic, and caraway seed. In response the fermented grape juice was syrupy and yet somewhat thin and not very expressive. Steamed quinoa slightly strengthened the wine. Fresh strawberries muted this drink that became just a pleasant wisp in the background.

In a large chili pot, brown the pork meatballs and ground beef on medium heat. Salt and pepper the meat while sauteing. Add 1/3 or the first "dump" of seasoning at this time. Saute until the spices are combined with the meat. At this time add the crushed tomatoes, beer, Adobo sauce and the chipotle peppers. Keep on medium heat covered.

For example, the box shows a pizza that is loaded with toppings. The pizza we had was practically bare. There was plenty of pepperoni but there was hardly any sausage or peppers on it. In fact, I had a couple slices that were pretty much nothing but cheese and italian meatballs. And, the sauce made up the majority of that.

Heat oil in a large skillet and saute the celery, onions, green pepper and garlic. Add ground slow cooker whole chicken and brown (I prefer to drain the fat at this point). Add the chillies, chili powder, tomatoes, broth, molasses, paprika, cumin and salt. Reduce heat and simmer until of desired thickness. Serve over toasted buns or cornbread. Yield: 8 servings.