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In the Midwest, before the expansion of baseball to the West Coast, the St. Louis Cardinals fan base was quite extensive. There were no other teams to root for in that region of the country, save for the Chicago Cubs or the lowly St. Louis Browns. And if the Midwest was a kingdom of Cardinal fans, then Stan Musial was, and still is, their king. Stan "the Man" Musial played for 22 National League seasons, filling baseball's record books with his deeds. Stan Musial won seven batting titles, played in 24 All-Star games, and provided Cardinal faithful with more thrills than anyone could ever ask for.

My father was right, Mickey Mantle was an excellent ballplayer. He had a WWE crowns season in 1956 and finished his career with over 500 home runs. Taking a look at his accomplishments and career stats, I think the biggest knock on Mantle is that he played too long. He was pretty much washed up after 1964, and his low batting average in the years that followed would end up pulling his career batting average below .300. The Mick also didn't drive in a lot of runs for a slugger, reaching the 100 RBI milestone in just 4 of his 18 seasons (DiMaggio did it 9 times in 13 seasons and averaged 143 RBI over a 162 game season).

5) Old Fashioned: Jones' other horse, and this guy can fly. He will take the Oaklawn route to Kentucky, which has been very effective in recent years. Not sure he wants any part of a mile and a quarter, but he has a ton of talent, and as the breeding pools continue to deteriorate, it's less important to have classic breeding to win races like the Derby.

The good news about this is that Vince seems to be willing to finally push some of his young superstars. Swagger has been on the cusp of moving up the ranks for a while now and it appears he finally is getting his push. Chris Jericho is no spring chicken and he is more than capable of making Swagger look good in a feud. That is the whole idea here, after all. Swagger has to be believable to be champion. Jericho will ensure that. The only real problem is, it is not clear who Swagger will be feuding with. It may be Jericho and it may even be Edge.

Hogan lost to The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 6 in Toronto. Warrior was being groomed to become the next face of the WWE and take over Hogan's spot with the company. Unfortunately for him, Warrior was abruptly left the company and derailed his wrestling immortality.

The new band of websites, which have come up in the market not only provide excellent picture quality but ensure that there is no breakage in the live action of wrestling, provided your internet connection is good.

While the WWE has been more accepting of former indie stars, and names like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have excelled since heading to the company, other names like Antonio Cesaro seem to be stagnating there. He would also end up in the developmental territories for months as they have him learn the "WWE style" of wrestling.

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